GoNo Issued US Patent #1,1437,134

We are ecstatic to announce the official Issuance of US Patent #1,1437,134 for our Efficacy Engine®, after 3,997 days of prosecution. We have now filed various continuations of our issued patent expounding upon original filings and broadening coverage as we build a full I/P suite.

Our Patent and proprietary processes and systems culminates to form our Efficacy Engine® at the core of our API and Mobile App solutions. The Efficacy Engine® is a sophisticated algorithm that processes inputs from multiple databases and delivers efficacious ingredient recommendations based upon clinical studies relevant to a given health condition(s) and wellness goals. That list of condition-specific, efficacious ingredients is then cross-referenced with additional databases to deliver lists of ingredients, foods, beverages, supplements, grocery lists, recipes, meal plans, and restaurant menu items. It synthesizes complex databases of clinical studies and other inputs such as genomics, ingredients, micronutrients, and personal preferences to deliver personalized for supplement, recipe, and healthier meal plan recommendations.

The Efficacy Engine® has multiple applications that can generate multiple revenue streams. These include licensing as an App, as an API, as an API is a SaaS model, as a food formulation tool, as a grocery merchandising tool, as a complimentary technology to hundreds of Apps and technology solutions in the wellness, health, fitness, food, recipe, menu planning, medical and dietary arenas.

The unique datasets produced by our Efficacy Engine® positions us to present personalization, product transparency, and guidance in new ways. Our proprietary research on consumer wants, needs, and predicted actions along with outcomes in the fitness club segment provide us with unique knowledge. As we build consumer usage, our proprietary research will provide significant insights into product use and outcomes relating to specific disease states across a variety of geodemographic, psychological, and economic populations..