What We Do

GoNo Food Finder is a Healthy Food MedTech Company.
We have solved the problem of what one should eat for their health and longevity,
backed by unbiased clinical studies and presented in an easily digestible way.

Our Founding Story

Like many that have been diagnosed with chronic disease, a single routine check-up changed the life of GoNo founder Adam Southam. His doctor told him he had abnormally high levels of fat in his blood, a condition called hyperlipidemia, that could lead to heart attack or stroke. Instead of reaching for medications first, his physician prescribed a book that taught simple dietary changes. His deadly triglyceride levels plummeted from 1830 to 410 points in 90 days. His doctor then prescribed a high quality fish oil and his triglycerides dropped another 200 points. Adam tells an amusing story of shopping for fish oil, and the confusion that he experienced in trying to choose from dozens of options. Most physicians and pharmacists are not trained in nutrition or functional food and his journey caused him to create our algorithm the relies wholly upon significant verifiable clinical facts. Adam created GoNo to guide others to treat or prevent disease using Functional Foods, tools, and reliable resources.

Our Vision, Mission & Goals

To empower everyone to make informed decisions about what is best for their individual needs in food, beverages, supplements, recipes, and menu items.
To significantly improve human health through food for prevention.
To inspire learning knowledge about food in advancing one’s own health.
To create economic benefits for consumers, employers, payers, providers, physicians, and health systems for the betterment of all.

Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic disease directly caused by poor food and a lack of nutrition. Functional Food is that which does more than mere nutrition and can be used to treat or prevent these chronic diseases in the vast majority of cases. When integrated with modern medicine, Functional Food can improve outcomes and, in all cases, lead to healthier lives. GoNo developed a patented algorithm we call our “Efficacy Engine®”. It determines what foods are effective in the treatment or prevention of disease, based entirely upon peer-reviewed clinical research. Each food is assigned a grading that shows the effectiveness of its ingredients, ranked A to F, along with the number of effective ingredients that food contains. These results can be used for grocery shopping lists, recipes, restaurant menu selections, and meal planning. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and reduce the $3.1 trillion in unnecessary costs associated with preventable chronic diseases.  

Tenets & Principles

SimplificationAlways strive for the simplest solution
EfficacyEffectiveness is at our core
Save TimeFor all constituencies
MotivateMotivate by whatever means consumers respond to
CompensatePay consumers for their actions
Scientific TruthRely only upon scientific evidence
ReplicationReplicate existing human practices
Revenue SharingShare revenues with all valuable constituencies
Data OwnershipThe consumer owns and may access their individual data above all else
CommunicateClear communication is an absolute requirement that demands a strong command of the English language. We will not settle for less
Critical thinkingDemonstrating critical thinking is equal to determining a result
Declare assumptionsAssumptions are legitimate but must be declared and supported with evidence
Eliminate presuppositionsNever make presuppositions
Employee HealthThe physical and mental health and wellbeing of our employees is essential to everyone's success
EnvironmentWe practice environmentalism
Fail FastDetermine the shortest path to prove success and adhere to success milestones or terminate pursuit without delay
Opposition with a solutionOpposing to anything requires an alternative solution
Pay Forward but Quid Pro QuoExpect to pay it forward but do not tolerate those who do not pay it back
SettingOur work environment must inspire collaboration, concentration, and creativty
Time and DeliveryMake no excuse for failing to deliver under a self imposed deadline. Use wisdom in setting or accepting any deadline
Use ThesisesPresent your thesis and prepare to debate BOTH sides
We Work TogetherEveryone works with, not for, the company and its mission
Win Together, Lose TogetherEveryone must be committed to the ideal that we either all win or all lose together.