Formulary Panel

Dr. Stephen Black
Dr. Reid Blackweider
Dr. Henry Blissenbach
Dr. David Blyweiss
Dr. Jeffrey Fedorko
Dr. Mitchell Fleisher
Dr. William Hamilton
Dr. James Hill​
Dr. Brian Lamkin
Dr. Joseph Kuderko
Dr. Paul Orsulak
Dr. Erik Reis
Dr. Anthony Slinger

Formulary Panel Mission

The Formulary Panel is comprised of leading physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, scientists, philosophers, chemists and nutritionists focused on health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. They are responsible for authentication of the Efficacy Engine, approving sources of scientific evidence by use by the Efficacy Engine, governance and oversight. They share the ideal that prevention is the first objective in the pursuit of health and wellness and that integrative medicine and behavioral modification are key considerations in disease treatment. Authentication of the Efficacy Engine means randomized testing of the underlying algorithms to verify that results delivered consist of products containing ingredients wherein the clinical studies support the efficacy of the ingredient shown within the subject product. The Formulary Panel does NOT have any responsibility to verify, authenticate, approve or endorse clinical studies utilized by the Efficacy Engine; it only recommends legitimate sources of medical facts to be considered for use by the Efficacy Engi 

Formulary Panel Role

  • Authentication of the Efficacy Engine algorithm

  • Review and recommendation of sources for clinical studies

  • Brand recommendations where applicable

  • Preparation, participation and feedback in panel meetings

  • Impartiality and objectivity

  • Support and endorsement of Efficacy Engine

  • Testimonials for media and public relations

  • Advice for enhancement of the Efficacy Engine

  • Submission of practice area articles for publishing if appropriate

  • Attract and inspire other leading experts to join the Panel