The Naming Game

We want your help in choosing our name and have great rewards and prizes for the winning submission. William Shakespeare said, “A rose is a rose by any other name,” and that is absolutely true, but the name Rose evokes a clear image of the beauty, scent, purpose, and pain the flower can bestow. Roses are used to convey love, passion, sympathy, gratitude, well wishes, empathy, condolences, and other sentiments. Winning the Kentucky Derby, losing your best friend, love for your mother, or remembering the dead. The rose is a great yet complex name.

What we do:

Eighty percent, 80%!!!, of chronic disease, is caused by eating the wrong food. People who read food labels are already trying to figure out what’s right for them, but less than 1% of us have the knowledge to make that determination. It’s incredibly, exponentially complex, and it took 13 years to create software to solve it. Our solution is incredibly simple. Enter your medical conditions, wellness goals, likes, dislikes, allergies, sports, diets, cultures, and more, and our AI will deliver a scientifically sound result in a nano-second. It’s personalized precision food-as-medicine, food-for-prevention, and food-for-life that works for everyone across more than 830 medical conditions and 210 wellness goals. There’s a lot more to tell about how our solution can save you time and money, reduce sick days, improve productivity, and help grocery stores, health insurance companies, medical practitioners, and even your college sports team to serve you better and do better.

Our mission:

Our mission is Food as Medicine. To empower everyone to make informed decisions about what is best for their individual needs in food, beverages, supplements, recipes, and menu items. To significantly improve human health through food for prevention. To inspire learning about food to advance one’s own health. To create economic benefits for consumers, employers, payers, providers, physicians, and health systems for the betterment of all. Consumer demand for healthier products will result in better farming practices and economic benefits. Improving the health of everyone is a cornerstone objective of Food as Medicine, the outcomes of which include greater happiness, better nutrition, decreased hunger, increased satiety, improved productivity, extended longevity, reduced waste, decreased sick leave, healthier children, greater cognition, and the overall advancement of humanity.

About our brand:

Our “brand character” is a professionally created scientific statement about the character of our brand. It is not our name, logo, or color, all of which are driven and must conform to the brand character. To best understand our brand, feel free to download our brand character.

Our request:

Use the form below to submit your ideas for what you think our name should be and share it with anyone you think can help. Everyone will be rewarded and anyone who creates the name we use will get amazing bragging rights and thousands of dollars of great groceries for free.

Naming Ideas