Adam Southam


Like many that have been diagnosed with chronic disease, a single routine check-up changed the life of the GoNo Food Finder founder Adam Southam. His doctor told him he had abnormally high levels of fat in his blood, a condition called hyperlipidemia, that could lead to heart attack or stroke. Instead of reaching for medications first, his physician prescribed a book (“Eat Yourself Slim” by Michael Montegnac”) that taught simple dietary changes. His deadly triglyceride levels plummeted from 1830 to 410 points in 90 days. His doctor then prescribed a high-quality fish oil and his triglycerides dropped another 200 points. Adam tells an amusing story of shopping for fish oil, and the confusion that he experienced in trying to choose from dozens of options. Most physicians and pharmacists are not trained in nutrition or functional food and his journey caused him to create our algorithm the relies wholly upon significant verifiable clinical facts. Adam created the GoNo Food Finder to guide others to treat or prevent disease using Functional Foods, tools, and reliable resources.

Adam Southam is a broad-based strategic thinker with 30+ years of leadership, innovation, strategy, invention, business startup, branding, and marketing excellence. He has conceived several patented and patent-pending inventions related to health, fitness, functional and preventative medicine, broadcast media, ecommerce, and distribution channel management. He consults with companies internationally and holds positions on several Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards. Southam is engaged to speak at conferences, trade shows, and universities on topics of innovation, branding, patent prosecution and defense, business, and channel management. Southam credits his success to countless mentors and advisors and looks to give back and pay forward in mentoring and advising others. Currently, Southam serves as Founder/Chairman and Governor of GoNo.