GoNo Corporate Tenets & Principles



Always strive for the simplest solution


Effectiveness is at our core

Save Time

For all constituencies


Motivate by whatever means consumers respond to


Pay consumers for their actions

Scientific Truth

Rely only upon scientific evidence


Replicate existing human practices

Revenue Sharing

Share revenues with all valuable constituencies

Data Ownership

The consumer owns and may access their individual data above all else



Clear communication is an absolute requirement that demands a strong command of the English language. We will not settle for less

Critical thinking

Demonstrating critical thinking is equal to determining a result

Declare assumptions

Assumptions are legitimate but must be declared and supported with evidence

Eliminate presuppositions

Never make presuppositions

Employee Health

The physical and mental health and wellbeing of our employees is essential to everyone’s success


We practice environmentalism

Fail Fast

Determine the shortest path to prove success and adhere to success milestones or terminate pursuit without delay

Opposition with a solution

Opposing to anything requires an alternative solution

Pay Forward but Quid Pro Quo

Expect to pay it forward but do not tolerate those who do not pay it back


Our work environment must inspire collaboration, concentration, and creativty

Time and Delivery

Make no excuse for failing to deliver under a self imposed deadline. Use wisdom in setting or accepting any deadline

Use Thesises 

Present your thesis and prepare to debate BOTH sides 

We Work Together

Everyone works with, not for, the company and its mission

Win Together, Lose Together

Everyone must be committed to the ideal that we either all win or all lose together.