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Medical & Scientific Formulary Panel

Clinically Proven Medical Studies

  • Every ingredient grade is backed by peer-reviewed clinical studies conducted by unbiased third parties

  • These third parties include researchers, colleges, universities, medical associations, hospitals, physicians, scientists, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners.

  • The grade assigned to an ingredient represents the probability that such ingredient will have a positive or negative effect on a large cohort of randomly selected people based upon the findings of the relevant clinical study. There are no guarantees as to the effectiveness of an individual ingredient in any given person. 

  • In determining an ingredient grade for an individual condition, the reviewer takes into consideration a) the outcome of the study; b) the length of the study; c) how many participants were in the study; d) whether the study was double or triple-blind; e) the credentials of those conducting the study; f) how and by whom the study was funded; g) if there are any conflicts of interest between anyone conducting or participating in the study.